Urban Stromwater Management Manual For Malaysia

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Water Management Guidelines For Agriculture Development In Lowland Peat Swamps Of Sarawak
( Guidelines For Peatland Water Management In Sarawak )

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Managing Flood Problem Download PDF
Flood Response Download PDF
Flood Phenomenon Download PDF

Guidelines For Prepareness Of Coastal Hydraulic Study And Impact evaluation

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Guideline and Procedures For The Assesment Flood Damage in Malaysia

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Guideline On Flood Prevention For Basement Car Parks

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Sarawak Electronic Government Services Booklet Download PDF
Available In Hard Copy Only
Sarawak Hydrological Year Books
( latest for year 2021 is available for purchase at RM 300.00 from DID HQ, Kuching )
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Beaches Of Malaysia ( presently available for purchase at RM 160.00 from DID HQ, Kuching, Sarawak )