Industrial Training


Industrial Training


DID being a technical Department in the State Civil Service is committed to provide Industrial Training to students from the polytechnic, colleges and universities as part of their courses. We would be taking in Civil Engineering students only for attachment of varying durations as scheduled by the education instituitions.

In order that these students would benefit from their Industrial Training with DID, each individual who would be attached to each of the Technical Branch in HQ and respective Divisional offices.


The main objectives of the Industrial Training programme by the instituition or Higher Learning are regarded to be as follows :-

(i)  To exposed the students to the real working environment and acquainted with the organization structures, business operations and administration functions
(ii)  To have hand-on experiences in their related fields so that they can relate & reinforce what has been taught at the university.
(iii) To foster co-operation and to develop synergetic collaboration between industry and the university in promoting a knowledgeable society.
(iv) To set the stage for future requirement by potential employers.


During the training period, students might be given assignment(s), which has been agreed upon, by the Faculty and the department. Training may involve one or more of the programmes as set up by the department with the following branches :-

(i)   Rural Infrastructure Development
(ii)   Stormwater Management
(iii)  Hydrology and Water Resources
(iv)  River Basin Management and Coastal Zone


Where required, the department would evaluate the students participation and assignment according to the format as requested by the Faculty. Where required, the evaluation could be carried out in the students Log Book.


No payments or allowances would be made to the interns during the period of their attachment. Land transportation to the sites would be provided when accompanying the DID Officers. Other costs to be borne by the interns themselves.


The approved intern would report to the respective Branch in HQ/Divisional Office  in accordance to the programme on the prescribed date.


The industrial Training would only be carried out at HQ in Kuching and other Divisional Office subject to approval  by top management in HQ


Any enquiries can be made to the Department through phone call : 082 - 243241 ( Training Unit )

Update : 18 Mei 2021



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