Sarawak govt allocates RM150 mln to DID to address flash floods in Kuching

Posted on 01 Feb 2024
Source of News: The Borneo Post Online
150 Million Project

Hilmy (second left) and Dr Abdul Rahman (centre), joined by others, launches the DBKU special assembly at Pengkalan Sapi. – Photo by DBKU

KUCHING (Feb 1): The Sarawak government has allocated RM150 million to the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) to address flash flood issues in the city area.

Kuching North City Commission (DBKU) mayor Hilmy Othman said flood mitigation projects are among the long-term measures spearheaded by DID, including those at Taman Sejoli, Taman Murni in Petra Jaya, and Sarawak General Hospital.

According to him, several other areas which have been experiencing persistent flash flooding are currently under study.

“The Sarawak government has earmarked these funds for DID to assist DBKU and the Kuching South City Council (MBKS) in tackling flash flood issues within the administrative areas of both local authorities,” he said to the reporters after attending a special DBKU assembly with the Deputy Minister of Utilities and Telecommunications Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi at Pengkalan Sapi here today.

Hilmy attributed the flash floods at several locations here last Sunday to exceptionally heavy rainfall that exceeded the drainage system’s capacity, which had been upgraded to accommodate up to 100mm of rain.

“Last Sunday, there was very heavy rainfall, reaching 150mm that lasted for quite some time – from 6am to 11am.

“This caused the drainage system to overflow, resulting in flooding especially at Jalan Masjid, Padang Pasir, and Sarawak General Hospital.”

He further stated that flash flooding has reduced in several downtown areas as a result of immediate action taken to maintain the stormwater system in Brooke Dockyard, which is located adjacent to Jalan Masjid and Padang Pasir.

Regarding the flash floods in Metro City, Matang Jaya, Hilmy pointed out that the drainage system maintenance being done from commercial areas to the Emart roundabout was the reason behind that.

“Flash floods have never occurred in Metro City prior to last Sunday when water overflowed from the drainage system maintenance.

“This project is expected to be completed by the end of this month,” he added.

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