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Hydrological yearbook is compilation of rainfall data, waterlevel data and evaporation data from all 22 river basins in sarawak. The first hydrological yearbook, volume 1 is for the year 1962 &1963 data.

The book is published by Hydrology and Water Resources Branch of Department of Irrigation and Drainage Sarawak (DID Sarawak). As at now, DID Sarawak has published 44 volumes (latest 2017) of Sarawak Hydrological Year Book.


IHYDRO is an Online Hydrological Telemetry System developed to provide platform for real-time flood and drought monitoring. It is also a public domain for Hydrological Telemetry System (HTS) under Centralized Information Telemetry Networks (CITN). The displayed of real time rainfall and water level data enables the occurrence of flooding in Sarawak be monitored and assessed at the earlier stage to minimize damage on property and loss of life.


This guideline has been prepared by DID Sarawak for the Drainage Plan Approval based on Sarawak Urban Stormwater Management (SUStoM). SUStoM was approved by the State Cabinet on 28th January 2016 as a planning standard for development control to incorporate stormwater management into the design to minimize environmental degradation and improve aesthetic as well as recreational appeal of areas in Sarawak. 

It is a guideline to establish a uniform technical standards for the developers, engineers, consultants, planners, architects, Local Authorities and Government Agencies in submitting the SUStoM Planning Submission, Earthwork Plan and Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (ESCP) and Stormwater Management Plan.

Its objective is to assist the applicants or project proponent to submit a complete and comprehensive SUStoM Planning Submission, Earthwork Plan and Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (ESCP) and Stormwater Management Plan that is in accordance with SUStoM requirements.

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