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Our Background

Before 15th March 1989, the Department of Irrigation and Drainage was simply called Drainage and Irrigation Department with the same acronym DID

At our national level, DID was formed on 1st January 1932 whereas in Sarawak, the provision of drainage and irrigation facilities was performed by the Public Works Department (PWD) until 1st January, 1967 when the Drainage and Irrigation Branch of the PWD, Sarawak, became a full pledged Department under the then State Ministry of Agriculture and Community Development. Presently, DID Sarawak is under the State Ministry of Local Government & Housing (MLGH)  and for Federal level, DID is under the Ministry of Environment and Water .

Initially, the main functions of the Department included the implementation of water resource development projects, especially in the field of irrigation, drainage, river engineering, evaluation of water resources, engineering planning and design of projects pertaining to the usage of water including the management and maintaining of these projects. From 1972, DID is involved in the field of Hydrology and Flood Mitigation works including Urban Drainage works for urban development, while the function of Coastal Engineering became the responsibility of DID in 1986.




YB Datuk Prof. Dr. Sim Kui Hian
Assistant Minister For Local Government
YB Datu Dr. Penguang Manggil
Assistant Minister For Housing And Public Health
YB Dr. Haji Annuar Bin Rapa'ee
Permanent Secretary YBhg. Datu Antonio Kahti Galis
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