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The Human Resource & Administration Branch is responsible to facilitate the development ands management of human resources and the management of the administrative functions of the department.


Human Resource Development

  1. Conduct Training Needs Analysis to identify competencies gap and to develop appropriate training plan for all staff of department.
  2. Plan, manage and implement  all in-house training, which include Strategic Skills Training and Departmental Induction Course for the department
  3. Manage and coordinate nomination and participation in all training activities organised by other training providers, such as JKM, CMM, IEM, JPS Malaysia etc.
  4. Plan, coordinate and implement Technical Training that are sponsored by JKM and  implemented through CMM.
  5. Plan, coordinate and implement Departmental Examination for confirmation purpose of new staff.
  6. Coordinate, maintain and update training records of all staff of department.
  7. Plan, implement and coordinate activities related to Managing Culture Change.

 Human Resource Management comprises the following aspects:

Plan and manage Organisational Development that involves reorganisation of departmental structures based on its strategic functions.

  1. Facilitate succession planning for key positions of   the department.
  2. Plan and manage the Human Resource capacity  and capability based on the needs and availability.
  3. Conduct Recruitment and Selection  for Technical Positions and liaise with JKM     
    on recruitment for non-technical positions.
  4. Facilitate Confirmation and Emplacement of staff into Pensionable Status with
    JKM and PSC.
  5. Process pension matters for  retirees, both  compulsory and early retirement of  staff
  6. Facilitate recommendation and processing for staff promotion and career 
  7. Manage and facilitate process for Acting & Covering of Duties
  8. Plan and Manage Transfer of staff within Department
  9. Monitor Appraisal Assessment & facilitate recommendation for Awards      and      
  10. Manage Staff  Discipline matters
  11. Manage  all kinds of Staff Leave
  12. Maintain and Update  Staff Record in  the system (HRMIS and  GEMS)   and also    
    the Service Record Book.

 General Administration

  1. Maintain Office Safety and security
  2. Maintain Housekeeping to ensure orderliness and cleanliness
  3. Maintain Telephone & Fax Services
  4. Manage department central Registry (In & Out Files) – CACTUS
  5. Manage  Files & Records  of all government official documents
  6. Coordinate application for Government loan (Housing, Vehicles, Computer..etc)
  7. Process application for all types of allowances and privileges (Medical Treatment, Insurances, House Moving, Transfer Grants ..etc)
  8. Prepare quotation for supply of HQ Staff Uniforms and shoes and supply of newspapers to all Branches.
  9. Arrange for purchase of Annual Diary and Almanac.


iii) Other Duties

- Secretariat to the following Committee & Panel

(a) Majlis Bersama Jabatan

(b) Integrity & Governance

(c) Departmental Human Resource Management

(d) File & Record Management

- Secretariat to state Official Events (National Day, TYT's Birthday, Prophet Mohamad's Birthday, Workers Day, Civil Service Day,..etc)






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