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Flood situation in most parts of Baram improves, except Marudi
Posted on : 19 Jul 2021  Source of News: The Borneopost online

SK Benawa, which is located in Marudi district is flooded since Sunday.

MIRI (July 19): The flood situation in most parts of Baram has improved significantly since yesterday except Marudi, where the water level there has increased overnight.

According to Miri Civil Defence officer Usman Harto, 12 villages and three schools in Marudi were still flooded this morning.

“There are 12 villages and three schools that have been reported to be flooded this morning. However the situation is under control.

“So far, no evacuation centre has been opened in Marudi,” he said in a statement here today

The 12 flooded villages were Long Maro, Rh Gerinan Logan Tasong, Kampung Benawa, Rh Vincent Tanjung Upar, Kampung Ridan, Kampung Narum, Rh Jipun Sungai Gaong, Rh Mugang and Rh Philip, Kampung Dagang, Rh Chabob Lubok Amam, Rh Nglingkong Teraja and Kampung Lubok Nibong, while the three schools affected by flood were SK Benawa, SK Ubong Imang and SK Morek.

In Mulu constituency, Usman said the flood waters had subsided in some villages, although a few of them were still flooded.

“For instance, the flood at Mulu Health clinic, Mulu mini district office, Kampung Sungai Melinau, Long Iman and Kampung Batu Bungan has subsided as of 10.30am today.

“Other areas that are still flooded in Mulu are SK Long Panai, SMK Tutoh Apoh, Long Patan Batu Belah, Long Pahlo, Long Ukok and at Rh Asong Linei Bukit,” he said.

As for Tinjar area, the situation had improved in most of the schools and villages which were flooded last week.

He said the flood at SK Pengarah Enteri, Kampung Long Loyang, Kampung Long Batan, Ulu Teru Health clinic, Long Loyang Health clinic, Long Teran Health clinic, Long Teru Health clinic and Long Teran Kanan B had receded as of 10.30am today.

“Other villages and schools in Tinjar namely SK Kuala Bok, SK Long Teru, Long Ajoi, Lubok Mulong, Nanga Lait, Long Tabing and Long Teru reported that the water level at these areas has increased this morning,” he said.

As for flood in Telang Usan, Usman said flood situation at the six schools and one village who were flooded last week had improved.

The water level at the six schools namely at SK Long Bemang, SK Long Wat, SK Long Atip, SMK Long Lama, SK Long Laput and SK Long Ikang and at Kampung Long Bemang had receded as of 10.30am today.

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