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Engineering Plan Submittal Checklist for Drainage Plan Approval in Sarawak

Below are the criteria that are required to be submitted by a Developer for  Drainage Approval plan in the state of Sarawak.
(Please print a copy for your use)

Location or Catchment plan

The project location, boundaries, lot number including neighbouring lots and main roads are clearly indicated
Existing rivers, main drains and drainage channel reserves are indicated
The catchment boundary upstream of site is indicated

Site Survey Plan (up to 150m from lot boundary)
All salient topographical features including roads, bridges, culverts and other hydraulic structures are clearly indicated on the plan complete with invert levels, soffit levels, checking levels and sizes
All rivers, streams and channels indicated on the plan with drain types, flow direction, invert levels and sizes have to be clearly indicated
All survey levels are according to Lands and Survey datum

Proposed layout plan
The proposed river and drainage alignments together with reserve widths have to be clearly indicated
Are the proposed outlet drains from the lot(s) discharging to existing drains or rivers?

The hydrological and hydraulic calculations have to be submitted together with the engineering plan

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