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General Guidelines and Conditions For Extraction of Sand and Gravel in Sarawak

1. Coastal Areas

There should be no extraction of sand from the beach areas because the extraction of sand in these areas might destroy the beach and cause erosion. It could also cause adverse effect to the mangrove /peat swamp forests behind the beach.

Extraction of sand should only be carried out at areas at least 1.5km from the coastline (taken at mean water line ) or the 10m contour measured from the Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT) whichever is farther in order to minimise adverse effects on the environment.

2 Riverine / Upstream Areas

Generally DID would have no objection to the extraction of sand or gravel from the upstream areas, provided that there is no erosion problems at the river banks.

The extraction should be restricted to the middle third of the river only. Extraction should not be concentrated at a single area; it should be carried out evenly along the river bed.

There shall be no diversion, blockage and/or obstruction to the flow of water. Pollution in the river must be kept to the minimum and, if any, the contractor would be held responsible.

3 River Mouth Areas

Generally there is no objection to the extraction of sand from river mouth areas that are silted-up with sand bars for the beneficial effect of navigation and hydraulic discharge efficacy. However, these could also lead to bigger and stronger waves getting into the estuary as well as an increase in the penetration of the saline wedge up the river.


All licences so recommended/issued* should be temporary in nature and be reviewed / renewed annually. This would allow the authorities concerned and controlling agencies to monitor the situation and in the process gather more data and information for better control in the future. All licences should be allowed to be withdrawn at anytime if necessary.

*The issuing authority for sand extraction licences in Sarawak is the LCDA with authority from the Sarawak Lands & Survey Department.

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