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Last Update: 15 Dec 2018
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DID Plant and EquipmentDID Plant and Equipment



Excavators are widely used in agriculture schemes throughout Sarawak.  The main function of excavators are for desilting of farm perimeter drains,  construction and repair of bunds, clearing of river bank,  excavation of ponds,  site clearing, land levelling and other miscellenous excavation works. There are a total of  129 units excavators maintained by DID Sarawak throughout the state.
Tractors are widely used in agriculture schemes in Sarawak. The main function of tractors are for transportation of farm supplies/fuel/parts and construction materials within scheme area, bush/grass slashing along perimeter bund including trimming of bund slopes and other miscellenous transportation works within scheme area. There are a total of 100 units tractors maintained by DID Sarawak throughout the state.
The main function of gates are to Control the flow of seawater into scheme area, Flood control of rivers and the Control of water storage for irigation  to agricultural area.The main type of gates in used at DID Sarawak are:-
(1) Aluminium Roller Gate   
(2) Hardwood Screwdown Gate
(2) Alumnium Flap Gate

Technical Specification For ALUMINIUM ROLLER GATE
Sizes available (1)  14' X 12'
Gate Body Aluminium fitted with rubber seal side ( also known as 'music note') and lower part fitted with rubber seal or hardwood
Guide Mild steel or cast iron side and bottom guides which were cast onto the concrete bed
Hoisting Mechanism Type AKPA 2A gate hoist consisting of :-
- prime mover 
- diesel/petrol engine, electric and/or manual
- gear box
- wire ropes and drum
- counter weight (concrete)
Functions Tidal and flood control, storage and distributions of irigation into agricultural schemes

Technical Specification For HARDWOOD SCREWDOWN GATE
Sizes available (1)  1 1/2" x  2' x  2'-4" x 2'-4"
(2)   2" x  3'-4" x  3'-5 1/4"
(3)   2" x 4'-4" x 4'-5 1/4"
(4)   3" x 5'-4" x 5'-5 1/4"
(5)   3" x 6'-4" x 6'-5 1/4"
Gate Body Hardwood with mild steel frame fitted with cast iron spindle bracket
Guide Mild steel  side and bottom guides  which were cast onto the concrete platform
Hoisting Mechanism For no.(4) & (5), using AKPA 1 geared headstock, while the rest using  mild steel spindle with cast iron handwheel
Functions Control of drainage and irigation into agricultural schemes

Technical Specification For ALUMINIUM FLAP GATE
Sizes available (1)   4' x 4'
(2)   5' x 5'
(3)   6' x 6'
Gate Body Square aluminium flap fitted with concrete counterweight at one end
Guide Alumninium bearing frame and bearing bracket fitted onto concrete
culvert to guide movement of flap
Hoisting Mechanism Self-operating;  high water level at upstream pushes open the flap
while high water level at downstream pushes onto the flap to close the gate.
Functions Tidal  control.

Pumps were used in agricultural schemes mainly for irrigation of farmland. The complete pump set consists of Diesel Engine, Hydraulic Gear Pump, Hydraulic Motor and Submersible Centrifugal Pump. The operating principle of the pump is as follows :- The diesel engine acts as the prime mover which  runs the  hydraulic gear pump via a flexible chain coupling. The hydraulic gear pump shall pumped  the hydraulic oil through the hydraulic hose to drive the hydraulic motor which in turn drive the  pump impeller. The general components of a pump is as follows :-

Descriptions  Type A Type  B
1. Engine Type Diesel Diesel
  Make Perkins Perkins
  No. of Cylinder 6 4
  Rated Power
89.5/1800 42.7/1800
Displacement (c.c)
5.8 litre 3.86 litre
2. Hydraulic Pump Type Gear Gear
  Make Tyrone Tyrone
  Overall efficiency 90% 90%
  Input power (kw) 47.46 25.92
  Rated max.
pressure (bar)
176 200
3. Hydraulic Motor Type  Piston  Piston 
  Make Volvac  Volvac 
  Overall efficiency 92%  96% 
  Avail.output power
110  85 
  Rated max.
420 420
4. Pump Type  Submersible Centrifugal  Submersible Centrifugal
  Make Allen Gwynnes  Allen Gwynnes 
  Impeller dia
310 350 
  Designed speed
1460 1100
  Max rated
discharged Vol.
170 litre/sec
( 6 cusec )
170 litre/sec
  Inlet dia. (mm) 250 250
dia. ( mm )
250 250
1000 1000
5. Units Installed ( Location ) Ng. Merit Scheme (Kapit) - 3 units
Banting Scheme (Sri Aman) -3 units
Pandaruan Scheme (Limbang) - 3 units