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Background of OSOR

The One State One River Program is a nationwide project initiated by the Department of Irrigation & Drainage to address the problems faced by the rivers in our country.

The program is formulated to ensure that the rivers are treated as valuable asset and to achieve the following objectives :
1. to ensure that the rivers are clean, vibrant and alive and to achieve Class II water quality by 2015
2. to transform rivers and its surroundings as natural recreational areas
3. to ensure that rivers are free from flood or pollution by solid waste

This program requires every state to identify one river to be rehabilitated and formulate action plans through identification of problem, determine stakeholders and explore possible solutions by having constant and scheduled meeting to mitigate the problems.

The program implementation strategies takes into consideration controlled measures which are based on integrated river basin management approach. The best management practices include preventive measures, curative measures and management.

The preventive measures involves non-structural measures and emphasize on strategy and framework to support development, rehabilitation, administration and enabling planning and management of rivers in an integrated manner. The measures among others include adoption of Manual Saliran Mesra Alam, implementation of Best Management Practice (BMP) eg Erosion and Sediment Control Plan, setting up river basin decision support system and organizing awareness programs.

The curative measures involves mitigating measures to reduce problems such as flooding, river bank/bed erosion, siltation, river pollution, restore the natural river ecology and preserve the surrounding river habitat to stimulate river bio-diversity.

The State Level Steering Committee with the Minister of Environment and Public Health as Chairman and Department of Irrigation & Drainage as Secretariat has been formed. Other agencies and stakeholders involved include Department of Environment, Natural Resources Environmental Board, Sarawak River Board, Jabatan Kerja Raya, Land & Survey Department, Local Councils, Education Department, Resident Office, NGO and the Local communities.

The State Cabinet has identified Sungai Miri to be the river to be rehabilitated in Sarawak under the "One State One River" Program.

The program requires the participation of all stakeholders and most importantly the support of the public to be successful.

Sungai Miri Catchment
  The catchment area is approximately 582Km2.The length of Sg. Miri is approximately 45Km.
  The urban residential and commercial area cover an area approximately 70Km2
  Sg. Miri Environmental Management Study - address the issues of current environmental condition of the catchment and the management of the pollutants.
Miri Town Drainage Masterplan Study - address the issues on drainage system, flooding and mitigation measures to improve the drainage and reduce the flooding problem

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