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Last Update: 23 Jul 2019
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Low-lying areas in Sibu inundated
Posted on : 05 Dec 2018  Source of News: The Borneopost Online

Flash flood at this low-lying area is beginning to recede.

SIBU: Heavy rain since dawn yesterday has rendered several low-lying areas here under water again.

Stretches of roads from the one end of Hua Kiew Road to Kapor Road were flooded as rain water could not be discharged fast enough.

Other roads affected were Hua Kiew Road, Punai Road, Billian Lane, Rambutan Lane, Langsat Lane, Layang Layang Road, Tiong Hua Road, Tong Sang Road and Kapor Road.

An officer of Sibu Municipal Council said the main drains here were not large enough to drain the rain water out of the low-lying residential areas in time.

A housewife said her family had lived in Belian Lane

since she was a kid, and  flood problems had aggravated since the 1980s.

“The situation has become so serious that flood is a hot topic during all election campaigns, with each candidate pledging to solve the watery situation.

“But, after each election, the problem remains and the watery situation has never got solved,” she said.

She said over the years, she had seen election candidates and elected people’s representatives visiting the area voicing their concern over the watery situation, ‘but, the problem remains, and it is the same frustration after each downpour’.