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Last Update: 23 Aug 2017
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About UsAbout Us

About Us

Urban Development Branch has entrusted to handle the drainage, flood mitigation and river engineering in the urban areas in Sarawak.


Towards solving effectively flooding problem in urban areas and creating clean and healthy enviroment


To serve competently in the field of drainage through sustainable planning and providing effective and effecient drainage and serve with effectiveness and quality in the engineering and management of river to reduce the flooding problems in urban and rural areas


The main function of the Urban Development Branch are:

  • To prepare drainage master plan for division in Sarawak
  • To plan and implement flood mitigation measures
  • To coordinate the developer of drainage system
  • To carry out drainage improvement works
  • To provide technical advice on matters pertaining to storm water and wastewater managements to goverment and provide sector
  • To implement river management works through program or activities such as river conservancy programs
  • Preparation of master plans for river management, preparation of guidelines, implementation of public
  • awarness program ("Love Our River" Campaign), rehabilitation of polutted rivers and creation of river recreation centers


  • To prepare master plan for all majors towns in Sarawak
  • To carry out drainage improvement works
  • To provide technical advice on matters pertaining too urban drainage to both goverment and private sector
  • To protect human lives and properties from major flooding and river bank erosion
  • To improve river flow for better and safer transportation and communication
  • To enhance clean annd healthy environment in both urban area along river corridors